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Speech and Language Pathology

Children Matter has a team of pediatric Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) who work to assess, diagnose, and treat speech and language delays/disorders and feeding concerns. Additionally, our team of therapists are trained in oral motor structure and function for eating and speech by Debra Beckman. Each of our SLPs are state and board certified, and have the experience and drive to make a difference in every child’s life. It is our goal to provide therapy services, but to also educate and empower each family.
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Occupational Therapy

Children Matter Pediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs) work to assess, diagnose and treat children with a variety of sensory and fine motor delays, which impacts their daily lives.  Our OTs are state and board certified and specifically work with children on the activities of daily living (teeth brushing, dressing, bathing, eating, feeding, etc) so that they can function successfully in everyday activities.  
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Pediatric Physical Therapy

At Children Matter, our pediatric Physical Therapy focuses on children and teens at all stages of life, and addresses a variety of orthopedic impairments, disabilities, and changes in physical function and health status. Our licensed staff physical therapists are trained and ready to assist your child in developing or regaining function and mobility so that they have the best opportunity for a life free from physical restriction.

``Angela and her team at Children Matter were able to help our son through a desperate time of trauma and brain injury.``