Angela and her team at Children Matter were able to help our son through a desperate time of trauma and brain injury.  With their love and skill, they were able to find him in the place where doctors and neurologists had given up and teach him (and us) new skills and abilities that we were told he would never do.  Today he is a beautiful, happy, and healthy boy!  We are forever grateful for Children Matter and they will always be a very special part of our family!

Trauma and Brain injury

My daughter has been very well cared for during her physical, occupational and speech and feeding therapies.  The therapists have worked with her since she was an infant and have modified treatment as needed to her delays.  Just as important, and maybe more so, they have worked with my family and have included my other children in the sessions.  They befriended me and have been an immense moral support as well as educated me on how I can better provide support and therapy to my child on a daily basis.  I was told once that the therapists job was to be there for the FAMILY.  They do an excellent job of this!

Physical, Occupational and Speech Feeding Therapy