Children Matter is a community, who believe in a multi-disciplinary service model starting with you the parent.  We believe that a parent is the first and best teacher, knowing their child in ways no one else can. Parents are the experts!  Our collaborative approach ensures that we address all aspects of your child’s needs. We evaluate and identify each child’s strengths in order to meet his or her individual goals.  By focusing on each child’s abilities and building their interest areas into their therapy program, children learn to build skills instead of focusing on their difficulties. We strive to design therapy sessions to be fun and functional, so that with effort, the skills learned can be incorporated into everyday activities.     


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Angela Magoon

I am Angela Magoon, the founder of Children Matter.  I started Children Matter knowing I could make a difference in the lives of children with special needs. My brother was born with an ear malformation requiring years of speech therapy sessions, many of which I observed.  I was fascinated with the therapy and believe the seed of interest was planted in me all those years ago. I clearly recall watching him with his speech therapist and declaring out loud, “I am going to do that someday!”

I received my Master’s degree from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C., where I became fluent in sign language and started my career knowing that I would someday open my own clinic. I initially worked at a local Deaf school as a private contractor. I then started providing speech therapy in early intervention and fell in love!  I happily drove all over the state seeing kids, knowing I was impacting their lives in such a wonderful way. In 2009, I started an LLC and named it Children Matter- because they do. I feel blessed and amazed that Children Matter continues to grow and serve our community in ways I had always hoped it would.

Here Angela is with her sister and brother.


“Our Company motto is “Changing Lives One Child at a Time” but the truth is, every child we have had the privilege to serve has changed ours” – Angela Magoon

We serve children with compassion, integrity and dedication!